Kona coffee is brought to the harbor, ca. 1910
10 reasons why you may find that this 100% Kona coffee tastes better:



1)  Shade grown Kona Coffee beans are sweeter and less acidic than any other. 
2)  Only handpicked red, ripe, pure Kona coffee cherries.
3)  Wet-processed, slowly sun dried Kona coffee means more work, but also more aroma. 
4)  Sustainably grown Kona coffee--the way nature intended it to be. 
5)  From small Kona coffee family farmers: no ‘management turnover’, hence more accountability.
6)  Freshly roasted, authentic Kona coffee beans from Hawai'i, USA. We don't sell "Kona Blends" made of mostly cheap, foreign beans!
7)  Pesticide & herbicide free.
8)  Freshest Hawaiian Kona coffee in nitrogen flushed, multi-layer laminated, zip-locked bags. No oxygen stales these beans.
9)  Harvested only from traditional Arabica 'kona typica' trees Kona coffee is famous for.
10)  Professionally graded 100% Kona Coffee according to Hawaii State laws.



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