Kona Coffee
10 reasons why you may find that this 100% Kona coffee tastes better:
1)  Shade grown Kona Coffee beans are bigger and sweeter. 

2)  Handpicked only red, ripe, pure Kona coffee cherries. Machines don't care.

3)  Wet-processed, sun dried Kona coffee means more work for us, and more flavor for you. 

4)  Sustainably grown Kona coffee--the way nature intended it to be. 

Small Kona coffee family farm: no ‘management turnover’, more accountability.

6)  Freshly roasted authentic Kona coffee beans.

7)  Stored unmilled for aroma protection; not as fragile green Kona beans!

8)  Lowest, farm-direct prices for the best Hawaiian Kona coffee.

9)  FAST & FREE SHIPPING on Kona coffee: No minimum order, no checkout surprises! 
(USA only; email for reduced international rates)

10)  Inspected & certified 100% Kona Coffee: The only sure way to get real Hawaiian Kona coffee. Be aware that there's much more supposedly "Kona coffee" being sold than actually grown in the Kona region. Trust is good--control is better.



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