unroasted (green) Kona coffee
our coffee farm store:

All our Kona coffee is Hawaii State inspected & certified for its origin. Currently this is the ONLY method to be sure that it's real, properly handled, high quality 100% Kona coffee. Our "Kona Estate Coffee" grade has all bad, broken or undersized beans sorted out. Kona Extra Fancy and Kona Fancy beans are mixed together. We noticed that this gives a richer, more complex flavor to our coffee. 

PRICING:  Please understand that our prices fluctuate. Nature throws curve balls into the best economic plan to run a farm. Labor costs, shipping, electric and gas prices always go up.

You can order for the USA ONLY on this website! But we sell & ship to all countries at REDUCED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES. Send us an email for your international order, and we will get back to you.

CANADA: 1-2 lbs roasted coffee requires USD 16.00 co-pay. 3-6 lbs roasted coffee require USD 30.00 co-pay. 5-7 days shipping time with Priority Mail.  For Canadian & any other international orders please contact us via email: info@bluehorsekona.com

Buy 1 LB Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee

Complex fragrant notes with a lingering bittersweetness. Aromatic scents created in the islands rain forest seep right from your nose through your veins. Hints of almonds and vanilla. Medium brown appearance with no oily sheen. 

FREE SHIPPING!  ( a $5 saving )    


Buy 1 LB Dark Roast 100% Kona Coffee

Dark and slightly oily beans. Bittersweet chocolate, caramel flavor with muted acidity.
Mellow, aromatic body with some spicy afternotes. Low caffeine content.

FREE SHIPPING! ( a $5 saving ) 


Buy 5 LBS BLUE HORSE 100% KONA Coffee

This is quite a deal: You save $5 over buying single pounds - we save shipping costs and both of us lower the carbon footprint. Five separate bags for freshness. Not one of those huge bags where the last beans always turn stale before you'll get to it. Plus you always have a special coffee gift on hand for these out-of-the-blue birthdays or anniversaries. 

FREE SHIPPING!   ( an additional $12 saving )



Our shirt doesn't disintegrate just at the point when it's starting to look & feel good. Made in the tropical Americas from pure, more substantial cotton than one normally is able to find in T-shirts. Naturally pigment-dyed to achieve an effect of great age. 

Colors: Denim-Blue & Coffee-Brown           Sizes: S, M, L, Xl, XXL

FREE SHIPPING!  ( a $6 saving )

From $25.00

Buy 6 oz Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee

If you just want to try out our medium roast beans or order a few of these smaller bags as gifts.

FREE SHIPPING!  ( a $3.50 saving ) 


Buy 6 oz Dark Roast 100% Kona Coffee

If you just want to try out our dark roasted beans or order a few of these smaller bags as gifts.

FREE SHIPPING!  ( a $3.50 saving )


Buy 6oz Medium + 6 oz Dark Roast in Wooden Gift Box

Birthday or anniversary coming up soon? Consider this gorgeous handcrafted wooden giftbox for your loved one: Containing a bag of each of our different roasts to try. We're sure they'll  love them both!

FREE SHIPPING!  ( an $11 saving )


Buy 1 LB Green Beans 100% Kona Coffee

Green (unroasted) 100% Kona coffee beans. Estate Grade. Certified and inspected for origin by State of Hawaii. A treat for home roasters who know what makes an excellent cup.

FREE SHIPPING!   ( a $5 saving )  


Buy 4 Kona Coffee Wood Coasters

A set of four beautiful, handcrafted wooden coasters made from an up to a century old Kona coffee tree on our Blue Horse Kona coffee farm. The Blue Horse logo is burned on one side. Perfect way to serve up your hot cups of Kona coffee!

  FREE SHIPPING!  ( a $5 saving )




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