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Pa'u Riders, Kailua-Kona 1950's
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Price: $25.95

Buy 10 K-cups 100% Kona Coffee, Full City Roast

Complex fragrant notes with a lingering bittersweetness. Aromatic scents created in the islands rain forest seep right from your nose through your veins. Hints of almonds and vanilla. This is a full city roast with the characteristic balanced, rich aroma of a true 100% Kona coffee. If you are used to cheaper, dark roasted, artificially flavored Kona Blends (or any other fancy wording without the 100% Kona), this coffee may not be right for you. 1 box with 10 cups. Brew each cup with 8-10 oz of water for best results. 

Freshest Single Serve 100% Kona. Certified by Hawaii Government for quality standards for 100% Kona coffee.  Keurig® 2.0 compatibile!

$ 25.95