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Pa'u Riders, Kailua-Kona 1950's
happy customers wrote back to us:
(making us feel all warm and fuzzy)

     "I really enjoy your Kona coffee. Wouldn't go camping without it." 

Nick Norris, with his favorite camper.


Kona Coffee in Antarctica!

"I am a huge fan of your coffee, and I even converted some of my fellow Byrd Campers."

 Charles Kirkland III, McMurdo & Byrd Camp U.S. Research Stations, Antarctica


snow kona coffee  "We had the best coffee for breakfast. Ever!"                  


The Beach family in Ontario, Canada

kona coffee, coffee farm, KONA, blue horse kona coffee  

 "The Coffeecrew team spent most of November 2009 in Hawaii - on the Big Island - attending the Kona Coffee Festival - Here I am raking parchment at Blue Horse Kona Coffee Farm - some of the best Kona coffee I ever had - give them a look. Good folks!"

Colin Newell, www.coffeecrew.comkona coffee, colin newell, coffee farm, hawaiian coffee




 "I received your package on March 9th, 2009. In the afternoon courier from Riga (Latvia) called me on the phone and took me 5 golden bags of KONA COFFEE!!! Directly to my office!!! Then I asked all my company employees to come to my office. We bought a big cake and sat down all together discussing things and drinking KONA COFFEE.  All work in the office stopped that moment that day. I showed my employees your internet home site; and they were reading, watching photographs! And were drinking this marvellous KONA COFFEE cup by cup…We are having winter here now and a lot of snow. My employees are so satisfies and happy. They wanted to take a common photograph. You cannot imagine how much joy and happiness, how many smiles, health and aroma of Hawaii you have presented me!!! "


Aleksandrs Silkins, Balvi, Latvia


Michael O'Brien, AL

"I have enjoyed the pictures and articles on your web site.. I have tried many, but after trying Kona Coffee from Blue Horse Kona, it's all I want to drink. Other brands and types that I had purchased now sit in a drawer, lonely, and unwanted. As I get older my coffee becomes more important to me. In the last year or so I have been on a continuing search for a coffee that "fits me." I won't be searching any more. Since receiving yours I have truly been pleased. I am glad my search is over... it got expensive. I am satisfied enough now that I don't wonder or care if visitors like the Kona coffee I make, I like it, but the comments are always, "Great Coffee!" 

James Dan Morris, PA

"I look forward to your Blue Horse Kona Coffee each morning. The first hint is teasing my taste buds when I grind up just enough of your dark roast  for my morning coffee. Then hearing the water drip through my coffee maker and its delectible aroma. At this point I'm usually salivating for that first sip of the delicious brew that's got that wonderful strong flavor but with no bitterness. Right after I found your website, I ordered my coffee and received my very quick, FREE shipping (MAHALO!) Blue Horse coffee, I called my neighbor over for her first taste of 100% pure Kona Coffee. She immediately wanted to know how to order some. She (and her entire family) are now regular customers of yours.  My Sister-in-Law visited from Massachusetts and she's hooked. She tried other "Kona coffees", but she just couldn't find the flavor she found in your Blue Horse Coffee I served her. She called me yesterday and begged for my secret. Soon she'll become a Blue Horse regular!!!  In so many ways, MAHALO!" 

Carol Beck, Centerview, MO

"My recent order has been received, brewed, enjoyed, contemplated, brewed and enjoyed over and over again. Wonderful! Especially the peaberry with its exquisite flavor. Just brewing the coffee gives a hint of chocolate in the house. Many have probably told you before, but I will say it again, don't change the way you do anything, you have something that is fabulous...something that arouses the senses as it brews. And it tastes great too! Thanks so much for such a wonderful cup of coffee. Looking forward to my next order."

Steve & Bonnie Reardon, West Brookfield, MA

"I loved the packaging, the service was efficient and professional (Like the free shipping...God bless you all), and I will soon try the product, however, I already can savor it's taste and feel as though I am back on the Big Island again- grounded and connected. You will get my business again and referrals as well. Mahalo nui loa."  

Roselia Conrad, Hawaii

"I must express to you my pure happiness with your Kona coffee. I have experimented with other Kona coffees but have found that your coffee is the best! Never been a coffee snob but when I decided to branch out and see what this whole Kona coffee thing was about I developed "coffee snobbery"! I am not a morning person but all it takes is a couple sips of my Blue Horse Kona coffee in the morning and I feel alright!  It just has the right amount of strong taste and yet it has the hints of other smoother, sweeter tastes. So glad I came across your farm website. You have an extremely happy customer for life!"

Jamie Frey, Manheim PA

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note. We were on the Big Island last year (that's when I became addicted to Kona coffee). My family and I just got back from Maui and I had Maui coffee at the hotel the next morning - I was so disappointed. They didn't even offer Kona coffee on the menu! Thankfully, I had packed a bag of Blue Horse Kona coffee in my suitcase. My husband was making fun of me because I brought your Kona coffee from Illinois to Maui. But he was happy when he didn't have to go running out to the grocery store, where it costs twice as much as you charge.

Thank you for the wonderful quick service you have provided me over the past year. You have made me a loyal customer.  Keep up the good work and wonderful service."

Dawn Moersch, Park Ridge, IL

"We received our Kona coffee yesterday (June 3rd '09) and I brewed our first pot this morning. Wow, what a wonderful way to start our day! It is rich, smooth, creamy and just fabulous. Being from Seattle, we take our coffee seriously. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and such fantastic coffee."

MaryAnn V., Seattle WA

"I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your coffee is; that my husband had sent for Valentines day. I also enjoyed the Valentine card. I have it up on the refrigerator. You are as good as you claim. Actually better!!! 

Suzanne Sorensen, St. Louis MO

"Have just ordered my second 5 LBS batch of your great coffee, and can't wait for delivery. I have drunk Kona coffee from various farms for years and yours is the best and has a great price as well. Will buy yours every time. My wife and I were just on then island first week of June '09 and we brought back some OK Kona bags, but I have decided to stick with Blue Horse Kona for the long haul. I brew your coffee in my medical office and have trouble getting a second cup because everyone loves it. Keep up the quality and service!"

Jim & Vicki Morgan, WA

"I absolutely LOVE your coffee! I found you from a web search - have been purchasing coffee on the internet for years - started with Jamaican Blue Mountain and moved to Kona, which is far superior in my estimation. Your coffee is by far the best. It has a wonderfully bold taste that gives me a little bit of the islands every morning! Looking forward to the Peaberry too!"

Linnea Ann Pearson, Glenview, IL

"Received the coffee in a flash. I have only one comment: WOW!!!! You have a lifetime customer. Your coffee is definitely, if I may coin a phrase, the "Champagne of Konas". May the gods favour your lands with all the needs for a fabulous harvest."

Gordon Castle, Orlando, FL

"No better way to survive the Mid-Atlantic Blizzard of 2010 than with your excellent coffee!"

Chuck & Patty Bubeck, Columbia, MD

"Thanks again for your hospitality; it was such a treat! We opened the dark roast with family in O'ahu, and it the best coffee we had ever tasted. We look forward to trying the other beans and the other roasts. Again, thank you for showing us around; it was the highlight of our trip to the Big Island." 

Mike M. FL

"I would like to thank you for this wonderful treat. When I went to the mailbox and saw the package and opened it and saw that it was my coffee I was so excited I had to call my wife and tell her the news, our Hawaiian coffee had arrived! And when I read your hand written note that said 'mahalo and enjoy' and the happy face - it was just like getting a little sunshine from Hawaii, which we can use right now way up in the northern part of New York State where it has just gotten over being 22 below zero. I love coffee and did a lot of research to get started buying and grinding my own coffee and I might even try roasting my own beans, and I also learned about how good Kona coffee is through my research and I must say it is everything I thought it would be and more. I ground and brewed my first batch this morning and well it is by far the best coffee I have ever had!!! I can't believe I have wasted 50 years of my life drinking stale coffee, it tasted ok I guess because I didn't know any better. Well, I do now and I won't be going back. 
Thank You so much for this coffee; the shipping time was amazingly fast and thank you for that personal touch which was a blessing to me in a world that is moving so fast it's great to have someone take the time to do what you have done. You definitely have another customer. I also checked out your pictures, what a beautiful place you have. Hopefuly you have time to read all this, thank you so much!" 

Roy & Brenda Hutchins, NY

 "You have some of the best coffee I have ever had. Thanks for giving us a chance to order online. Your customer service is also the best I have ever experienced and I will definitely refer your company to family, friends or anyone looking for some great coffee."

Stacy C Barnett, Sun City, CA

"Thanks for the newsletter! We love your coffee - it tastes soooooo good. We look
forward to making the coffee, which is a real treat for us."

Don & Dorothy Cox, TN

"Thank you once again. This is the best coffee. The only problem is I drink too much of it."

Shawn Brooks, NE

"I have had quite a few different Kona coffees shipped from Hawaii and yours has been the BEST."

Don Miller, MD

"Your coffee arrived this morning. I made a pot and its ABSOLUTLEY DELICIOUS!!! I'll be back for more."

Joan Curtis, Ontario

"Well, we're hooked - my husband and I have decided this is an indulgence we will continue - it sort of ranks up there with the massages - these and Kona coffee are necessary to live a civilized life. Thank you for sharing your bounty with those of us who must live in the 48."

Judy & Terry Sharp, CA

"Thank you for the great newsletter! I learned more by reading it than I could ever find elsewhere. Keep up the good work."

Sue C., Florida

"We had gotten some of your delicious coffee as a gift and ran out too quick... "

Susie Wong, San Jose, CA

"The family is hooked on your coffee. Thanks for the affordable price. And for being Made in the USA."

Becky Keller, WS

"...ships very fast very good coffee."

Tim Carson, AL

"We had been drinking other Kona before and with the very first cup of your coffee we noticed the difference. It was totally not bitter and very smooth."

Harry Pritikin, Kailua Kona, HI

"Good seller, superb aroma, resealable bags are A+."

Dennis Karloff, CT

"First Kona in my life! OMG what a flavor! Best value all around."

Lakisha Dennison, NY

"I received my coffee today, and could not be more pleased. The flavor is wonderful; and the service I received is second to none. I look forward to trying the dark roast on my next order. Thank you for terrific service."

Todd Barrington, MO

"Hope to get my coffee now from Blue Horse on a regular base - best price without compromise!"

Louis Tarrie, VT

"Fast shipping. Great packaging. Tasty coffee. Thanks."

Amanda Day, Ithaca, NY

" Flawless stuff. ...farm direct always pays off."

George Gavel, Naples, FL

 "I actually sent this coffee to a friend (although I've had your coffee before as well), and she was extremely pleased with the coffee. We both enjoy its combination of mellow smoothness and deep flavour. I also like the fact that it is grown naturally and doesn't contain additives.

Denise Orosa, Canada

My husband really is the sweetest guy!  He knows how to make this Coffee Lovin’ Mama happy!  Last week was our 22nd anniversary and as a gift, he bought me Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee!  I can’t even tell you how excited I have been to try this coffee.  Like, really!

A Coffee Lovin' Mama

A Coffee Lovin' Mama

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